Welcome to the Gift Cartel a blog all about gifting.  A little bit about me I LOVE my job!  I’ve wanted to be a buyer since the second I found out such a career existed. From my roles on the shop floor to head office, It’s been my passion to help customers find the right gift.  As a Buyer I get to shop for a living, specifically, I get to help people make the perfect purchase whether it’s for themselves, a loved one or even someone they may hate.


I believe that a gift is not simply a materialistic token but something that should hold personal value connecting the giver and the lucky recipient in meaning.  No matter how large or small in scale or value this doesn’t have to break the bank.  A gift is something that can make you smile, laugh, cry or if it’s really good all three at the same time.


I want the Gift Cartel to shout about all the incredible products I find on my day to day adventures as a buyer that inspire me as life is too short to buy boring gifts.

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