The Gift Cartel Christmas Gift Guide

Still don’t know what to get your nearest and dearest for Christmas? Worry no more and check out The Gift Cartel’s Christmas Gift Guide featuring a selection of some of the finest festive gifts available from some of the best indie brands around.

To say it’s been a year is a bit of an understatement but one man and his dong have been keeping our spirits up throughout it all and thanks to Buck Shop you can now get your nearest and dearest their very own Barry Wood inspired Personalised Mug. Who woodnt want to drink out of this!

It ain’t Christmas till the Buble sings! What better way to invite friends and family into your social bubble than sending them a holly jolly Michael Buble Bubble Greeting Card from Maxwell Makes.

The festive season can often be hard for some folks even without a pandemic. The very talented Jessica Rachel Sharp has designed these beautifully illustrated comforting Self Care Christmas Decorations for Spiffy to help with the Christmas blues.

According to a recent poll, only 13% of people understand the new lockdown rules. I am absolutely clueless and in the 87%. But I have found the perfect Christmas sweater for the wise amongst us. “I Know When To Go Out And When To Stay In” Sweater from Electric Eye Apparel

Looking for a gift for the certified Christmas freak on your list then look no further than Bite Your Granny’s Christmas Knicker Pin Badge. There’s some Ho’s in this house for sure.

Know someone that's in need of a holiday and some much-needed vitamin D? (that will be everyone!) Then why not treat them to a vibrant print of some far off places to remind them of sunnier times. Good Egg Prints offer a range of color-popping prints of far-flung places as well as those a little closer to home.

Finally want to support some small businesses but don’t know where to begin then check out Thriving Box. They offer a range of curated boxes filled with goodies from independent brands from all over the UK or if you want to keep it more local and try the delights of another city you can choose from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol and Manchester.

Still not found what you are looking for then why not check out The Gift Cartel Instagram it’s packed full of ideas and inspiration and guaranteed to help you with all your gifting needs.

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