Charity Sponsored Post Programme

I started The Gift Cartel as a personal passion project, I wanted to shout about and showcase products, brands, designers, makers and businesses I love. 

As The Gift cartel continues to grow i have decided to introduce an affiliate program with a difference.  one that embodies the very meaning of gifting.  so with this in mind I would like to introduce The Gift Cartel Charity Affiliate Programme.


How It Works:


  • The Gift Cartel welcomes all shop owners, business owners, makers, creators, artists, brands and individuals to submit a request to be featured on The Gift Cartel.  All payments are to be made in the form of a charity donation. Prices available upon request.


  • The Gift Cartel encourages all submissions to nominate a charity of your choice however if you are looking for some inspiration please click here.  


  • All charity nominations welcome however The Gift Cartel maintains the right to decline any submission offering to donate to charities that we believe have a negative impact on any living creature, institution or object.  


  • All donations need to be made prior to being featured. Proof of donation required.  All features will mention the chosen charity unless otherwise instructed.


  • For more information on pricing and to make a submission please get in touch below or email


want to be involved in the Gift Cartel charity affiliate program then just drop US a line below.

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